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Potluck is food rescue for Arkansas.


Save good food from being wasted and use it to feed hungry people.

Every year, Potluck rescues millions of pounds of a wide variety of healthy food that would otherwise be thrown away, saving it for those who need it the most.

Rescued food is distributed free of charge to a large and growing network of nonprofit community food programs.

Potluck is proof that the smart idea of food rescue can be transformed into a fully-functioning and efficient operation that helps feed Arkansans in need.

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Episcopal Kids Cook for Kids’ Pantry

On April 18, nine Episcopal Collegiate School students prepared and assembled a total of 170 dinners for Potluck Food Rescue’s Kids Pantry program. In the 2015-16 school year, ECS students made a total of 790 meals, 100 brownies from scratch for Potluck’s annual... read more

Potluck bridges the gap between excess food and the hungry.

Mother and Child

More than 100,000 pounds of food is thrown away every day in Pulaski County.

Hunger in Arkansas

One in Six

One in six of our neighbors live below the poverty line and struggles to make ends meet and provide enough food for their family.

One in Four

One in four children in Arkansas does not get enough to eat in order to sustain their growth and development.

Arkansas’ childhood poverty rate is 26% – compared to the national average of 18%.

There is a Demand

Potluck agencies report a 44% increase in the number of individuals they serve.

The fastest growing populations of individuals seeking some form of emergency food assistance are single mothers with children, working two-parent households and senior citizens.

There is a Supply

More than 100,000 pounds of good, wholesome food is
discarded daily in Pulaski County.

Rescuing excess food to feed the hungry is logical, practical, and the right thing to do.


Potluck serves community food programs throughout central Arkansas and the state, including:

• Food pantries
• Soup kitchens
• Homeless shelters
• Women’s emergency shelters
• Senior day centers
• Veterans’ centers
• Child care centers
• Potluck’s own KIDS’ PANTRY sites


Food is rescued from hundreds of food businesses, including:

• Wholesalers
• Dairies
• Groceries
• Farmers’ markets
• Restaurants
• Caterers
• Corporate, hospital and school cafeterias
• Hotels


Support comes from individuals, foundations, religious organizations and civic groups.

Potluck is a nonprofit organization exempt from federal taxation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 71-0709327).

Feed a child and you help feed an entire family as well.

Additional Hunger Programming

ADDITIONAL HUNGER PROGRAMS complement our work of reducing hunger and improving nutrition by increasing the opportunities of at-risk children and adults to gain access to good food.

The Kids' Pantry logo

Since its inception in 1997, the KIDS’ PANTRY has been committed to reducing hunger and improving nutrition among children living in poverty and at risk of hunger by increasing their opportunities to receive good food for meals when school is not in session – throughout the year – after school, over the holidays and during the summer.

KIDS’ PANTRY programs provide free meals to children living in poverty and at risk of hunger at a variety of locations in un-served, economically distressed communities in central, southeast and southwest Arkansas.

Each Pantry site location’s unique programs offer a variety of academic and/or social enrichment activities. In a safe, supervised and accessible environment, activities such as tutoring, mentoring, literacy training, computer training, sports, art, and social skills development are provided for the children.

By providing nutritious food to children, coupled with positive activities, these programs contribute to improved health, reduced behavior problems and improved school performance of youngsters.

Without the KIDS’ PANTRY, the free or reduced-price meal at school is often the last – or only – meal over 87% of youngsters served by the KP receive during the day.

Kids’ Pantry Quick Facts:


The KIDS’ PANTRY helps feed over 7,000 children living in poverty and at risk of hunger by providing them with good food for meals throughout the year.


The KIDS’ PANTRY distributes food for over two million full and complete meals to partner sites in un-served areas throughout Pulaski County.


Over 87% of youngsters served by the KIDS’ PANTRY are considered “food insecure” – unable to rely on receiving regular meals at home during the week.

4 Days/Week, 50 Weeks/Year

The KIDS’ PANTRY is Arkansas’ only charitable out-of-school meal program exclusively developed to feed youngsters throughout the year when school is not in session – after school, over the holidays and during the summer.

Food for dinner meals (including snacks and second helpings).

Food for lunch and dinner meals (including snacks and second helpings).

Food for lunch and dinner meals (including snacks and second helpings).


Here’s what some of our site directors have to say about the KIDS’ PANTRY

Boy eating dinner roll.

“…You’ve made it possible for us to feed children from families where food is a problem. Because of the KIDS’ PANTRY, we’re not only feeding kids here at the program every day after school and during the summer, we’re also able to send leftover food home with kids to make sure whole families get to eat as well…”

– Pat Jackson, Director, We Care
(KIDS’ PANTRY site, Hensley, Arkansas)

“ …Unfortunately, our kids are unable to count on having enough food to go around at home so thanks to you, the daily, home-cooked meals we offer them here at the program are not only the best they have during the day – for most of our kids – it’s the only meal available to them until breakfast at school the next day. We thank you, our kids thank you and our parents thank you for being such a blessing to this community and helping make our after-school and summer program such a tremendous success…”

– Pastor Deena Hamilton, McCabe Chapel UMC
Director, New Horizons
(KIDS’ PANTRY site, North Little Rock)

Boy eating dinner roll.
Girl with bow.

“…The food we receive is outstanding. The first thing our kids ask when they walk in the door after school is “What’s for dinner Miss Donna?”. Every day, all year long, our kids are eating healthy and nutritious meals that, because of family circumstances, are not regularly available to them at home. Thank you for supporting our program, our community and your dedication to making sure no child goes without…”

– Donna Holmes, Program Director, My Task After School
(KIDS’ PANTRY site, McAlmont)

“…The KIDS’ PANTRY provides our program with weekly deliveries of nutritious food and although you don’t get to share in the joy of watching a child eat when you bring, just know that each time a plate of food is served, your spirit of giving is always present. While we can provide our students with homework assistance and other activities that positively impact their lives, all of our work would be null and void without good food to nourish their growing bodies. Thanks to you, no child has been left behind…”

– Ruth Nash,
Director, Step Up Support Center
(KIDS’ PANTRY site, southwest Little Rock)

Girl with crayons.
Girl with bow.

“…Our students are from families at-risk and our parents appreciate the meals their children receive from our program to help supplement a food shortage at home. Thanks to you, we can provide kids with snacks and a well-balanced dinner meal every day after school and two meals a day during the summer. God bless you.”

– Pastor Barbara Douglas,
Executive Director, We Can
(KIDS’ PANTRY site, Sweet Home, Arkansas)


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