You are cordially invited NOT to attend
Potluck Food Rescue’s 24th Annual
Not-At-All-A-Ball Fundraiser

Summer Party 2017

Fruit Dress

Sometime between now and then




Your favorite chair or spot on the sofa


As you are

Ticket Price:

Whatever your generosity will allow

This Is How Our Pretend Party Works:

As an alternative to inviting you to attend an actual ball, we’re inviting you to stay home and consider sending us what you might have spent attending a swell soirée instead.

Think about it… your participation in our phantom fete helps us feed more than 14,000 children and adults – the working poor and homeless families – each week by supporting Potluck’s ability to source, rescue and distribute the most nutritious food possible to our network of food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters.

Your support helps ensure that doors remain open at community food programs where or hungry neighbors run for groceries or meals.

Again, we invite you to be a couch potato and sit back, relax – and help us get to work.

“This is a party I’ll gladly miss…
In fact, I’d give anything not to go!”

Please make your selection below and complete your gift via secure Paypal checkout…


Help us feed hungry Arkansans throughout the year.


Help us distribute more than 12 tons of fresh produce and other perishable foods each month.


Help us provide KIDS’ PANTRY kids with food for full and complete meals each week.


Help us rescue an average of more than 17,000 pounds of food a day.


Whatever your generosity will allow to help us better meet community needs will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your generous support!

Potluck is a nonprofit organization, exempt from Federal taxation under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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